(Patel Logistics & Relocation Services) An Indian transport giant who knows India, inside out.

Back in the 60s, Patel Roadways was one of the first, professional transport service providers in India. It is India's most relied upon and leading freight forwarders. Compounding the rich experience of over 3 decades, encompassing infrastructure of over 2000 carrier-trucks, 235 warehouses, 100 offices and a staggering manpower of over 5000. Which track the whereabouts of your goods on completely computerized system of checking, minute by minute.

That's why scientific packaging and handling of your priceless, goods and effects makes your moves safe and cost-effective. Safe because they are packed snuggly, conforming to the laws of physics, without allowing any play (room for movement), and are press-fit into specific compartments in our specially compartmentalized carrier-trucks. Shocks, jerks & bumps have virtually no effect on them.