Do Cacti have leaves ?

A cactus (plural: cacti) is able
to exist under extreme conditions it is a plant that has adapted itself to the conditions.

Cacti have the same basic structure and processes as other plants. But the stems and branches of the cacti do the work done by leaves in most plants. In fact, the absence of leaves and the presence of spine-covered branches and stems enable them to survive in hot, dry regions.

A cactus plant must guard every drop of water. So the work of the leaves is taken over by the stems and branches. The roots of cacti are spread out, close to the surface of the ground, which enables quick absorption of water after a rainfall. The water is stored in the spongy, hollow stems of a cactus. Their thick skins have very few pores and the outer layer of the plant is thick and waxy, which prevents the escape of water.